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Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

The use of Addons complements the elements of the well-known WordPress page builder – Visual Composer.

If you still find this unclear, check the previous post “Best Visual Composer Extensions” for better clarification.

Also, you could check the post “Best Visual Composer Extensions.”

Aside the elements provided by WPBakery, this plugin also equips your Visual composer with many first-class elements

All the extensions needed by your Visual Composer should be covered by Ultimate Addons.

Ultimate Addons is rated as the best-selling addon solution for the standard WordPress page builder, with a 4.80/5 average rating and over 9,000 copies sold.

Any extension or Addon for Visual Composer definitely requires Visual Composer.

It's easy to download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer . You only click on button below

Additional elements include: 

Info Box, Flip Box, Icons, Info List, Counter, Timeline, Interactive Banner, Extended Google Maps, Hover Parallax, Modal Popup Box, Fixed Image Background, Icon Fonts Manager, Vertical & Horizontal Parallax, Multilayer Hover Parallax and Video Background….
Info Box – List the important things you have on offer

Flip Box – Flip elements using a cool CSS3 effect

Icons – Use it to display a list of clients, logos, sponsors, partners, etc.

Info List – List your most related / popular products, services and features

Counter – Reveal your milestones, accomplishments, and numeric statistics using animated numbers

Timeline – Use Facebook style of Timeline display

Interactive Banner – Show nice and attractive image blocks

Extended Google Maps – Extended Visual Composer comes loaded with Google Maps elements

Hover Parallax – Each cursor movement results in a creative background move

Modal Popup Box – Design modal popup boxes and use easy WYSIWYG editor to embed whatever you wish inside the popup box

Fixed Image Background – Maintains the position of images as other content moves on scroll

Info Circle – Information circle

Info Tables – Produce attractive information tables

Just Icon – Create standard icon and provide some custom style.   

Price Box – Create pricing tables with nice overview

Spacer/Gap – Modify space between components (a lot of times, (his comes in handy and the reason why it is not incorporated into core Visual Composer is unknown to me)

Google Trends – Show insights though Google Trends Display

Headings – Amazing headings styles   

Vertical & Horizontal Parallax – The background moves at different speed & direction from your content on scroll   

Video Background – Leaves a video playing in the background

Multilayer Hover Parallax – Make a 3D parallax that is real

Customize Your Own Icon Fonts – Over 2500 icons to choose from
Few elements in beta (limited to WooCommerce plugin):

Product Carousel – Display products in carousel slider

List View – Have products displayed in list view

Grid View – Have products displayed in grid view

Single Product – Shoe just one product from list

For those who already have useful themes integrated with their Visual Composer, it is still possible to use Ultimate addons for Visual Composer plugin if heavy modification has not been done to the Core Visual Composer plugin.

You may also wish to try first before you buy. This is possible through a login data that will be sent to any email you provide. You will receive a link for the login.

When this is done, you have a 24 hour free trial of Ultimate addons for Visual Composer which is enough to help you decide if it’s useful to you. Don’t waste the time you have for trial.

How Can I Download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Now?

It's easy to download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer . You only click on button below

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