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Kontent Machine Software

We are introducing a software application that is called “Kontent Machine”. It allows you to generate unique, admissible and SEO-Optimize content. It will improve your website’s rank in search engines from link building strategy.

Kontent Machine has its unique quality of link building tools that make it so popular among the internet marketer. It is one of the best choices for building backlinks to SEO-Optimization.

Review of Kontent Machine 3: We will have a deep look into working of this software and its features. We will also evaluate the quality of the content which is generated by Kontent Machine.

What Kontent Machine able to do?

You can generate unique content very easily by Kontent Machine that will help you in link building compaigns. You can publish that content on website or your private blog network. It has all the properties of Web2.0 and each article contains link back to your website.

Nevertheless, every content generator software provides you the content with link building tools that has backlinks to your websites. But Kontent Machine software makes this process more effective and easy to use. With Kontent Machine, you never need to write content or pay for content writing as well as SEO posts.

For publishing online, Kontent Machine uses scraping articles for creating unique and admissible content. Then it spins and rewrites the content to make it whole new article. In addition, Kontent Machine makes these articles appear on search engines also.

In order to appear the content more unique and useful, Kontent Machine ables to add related images and videos also. And it insert the link of your website in the content itself, you need not to do anything just only use Kontent Machine.

All these work done by using Kontent Machine software and if you want to know the working of it you can follow this post further.

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

Working of Kontent Machine

There are many software in the market those claims to deliver unique content but after seeing their working you can easily determine how true their claims are.  Let’s have a look how Kontent Machine works, through the process of setting up a new campaign.


When you load the Kontent Machine up for the first time, you get the alert of creating new campaign. When creating the campaign you can where content will be sourced.

There are four options:

•    Built-In Article Scraper

•    Built-In Article Scraper + Local Files

•    Locally Saved Files

•    The Leading Articles marketplace

Then for generating content you need to enter three keywords about the topic whereby software come to know on which topic you need article. Mostly first option will be used, unless you already have that article in your PC.

It gives you choice about the quality level like tier 1, 2 and 3. SO you can choose the quality level as per your requirement. Else you can create quality level manually by editing in the settings. This feature helps you in building tiered backlinks. Most of the users choose tier 1 for producing highest quality level content available.

For making the content unique software scrapes the content and spins it. There are number of spinning tools that Kontent Machine offers:

•    Spinner Chief

•    Spin Chimp

•    Spin Rewriter

•    The Best Spinner

•    Word Ai

On the other hand, if you don’t have access of above mention services then it also has its built-in spinning tool. And if you need to know how your content spun then there is an option for manually spin also while it is very time consuming. But if you have done it correctly you will get a unique as well as very high quality content.
 In addition, for inserting images and videos into the article you can choose when you setting up the campaign. To configure the images and videos also it provides options. You can choose images and videos both or one at a time. And it also provides you the setting of formats and how many paragraphs you need in your content.

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

Further it allows you to enter the link which you want to insert in generated articles for redirecting to your site. And provide higher rank to your website.

So for inserting links there are few options:

•    Contextual Links

•    Article Body Links

•    Resource Box Links

•    Image Links

You can define the number also for each text links in the articles. Furthermore, Kontent Machine allows you to enter multiple anchor texts for each URL you are linking in order to give natural look to backlinks. Each time a link is published on your site, used a different anchor text. And it allows more ways to give natural look of your backlink’s anchor text like; you can add branded anchor text, naked URLs and set how many times it will use those branded keywords or URLs as the anchor text for inserting links.

These are useful ways to see your site penalized by Google as well as prevent your backlinks being over optimized.

From the Kontent Machine you can add the list of other websites that you need to link with your article. Here you can include other authority sites in your article such as Wikipedia entries, government or education sites, related products on Amazon, or other prominent bloggers.
So when you have done with all above steps you can instruct the software to generate the content. Who use this software in tandem, there is an option to build and export the content to them. They can publish your content such as Licorne AIO.

The process of content generation is very quick and there is a status bar that shows the software is working in background. After this job done you can preview the content. And you get the opportunity to export into a link building tool again after previewing the article.

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

Finally you get your article with all the links, images and videos added according to the settings. Sometimes maybe content is not very readable so you can use a more advanced spinning tool such as Best Spinner and you would get the best result.

So it is the best software whether you want to publish the content on your real own website or others website with linking your real sites. And for the more safer side, you can use it in building backlinks to higher quality sites that are linking to your real sites in a structure of tiered link building.

In Kontent Machine you get access to set of further options as per which SEO link building software you choose. And it will give you full access control over how the content is exported.

Now you are ready to save the content files on your computer, just press the Build and Export button. And depending on everything such as which link building software you are using and everything else that’s require in link building software, articles generate.

After get your first article you can save the setting as a blueprint and you can use these settings next time when you load Kontent Machine. It saves your time to configure the software again in creating new campaign.

Other Features of Kontent Machine

The main purpose of Kontent Machine is creating content to be published online but it has few other features and tools.

The other tools of Kontent Machine 3 include:

•    Bookmark creation

•    Article Scraper to download article by topic

•    About me spinner for creating multiple unique author boxes

•    Bulk spinner for spinning articles on your hard drive and inserting media

•    Publish files to websites including WordPress sites and other sites in your network

How I Can Download Kontent Machine  Now?

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

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