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What Is Hide My WP?

Hide My WP is an amazing WordPress plugin that literally hides the fact that your website is running on WordPress.  It will control any access to your PHP files and protect your site from vicious attacks.

How It Works:

WordPress is probably the most popular website platform on the internet to date.  That said, there are tons of hackers who spend their time trying to break into WordPress sites daily.  Your site needs to be protected from these hackers and Hide My WP is an excellent addition for your security responsibilities.  It's extremely easy to install and setup and there is absolutely no reason to pass this by.

Hide My WP literally hides your important PHP files such as login and admin.  It curtails your CSS style-sheet, changing your plugin directory, upload URL, query URLs, author permalinks, disables or changes feeds along with disabling WordPress archives and classification.  This plugin will hide all other Wordpress files such as license and readme.

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

Added Benefits:

Hide My WP will actually let you know if someone is snooping around in your files.  You will view the snooper's user name, IP address, referrer, user name and agent or whether it was your web developer, co-worker, etc.

Hide My WP will also give you a custom 404 page to replace words in your HTML output file, body class cleanup and many more options.  It's always an excellent idea to implement plugins that will protect your site because there's always something going on that is not in your best benefit.

There are many plugins and services available to aid in securing your Wordpress site.  But how many plugins will make your site bulletproof?  Hide My WP will do just that and do it well.  Let's face it, the whole idea is to give your site an extra layer of protection and security!

What Hide My WP Will Prevent:

Bots and automated software will not be able to target your WordPress installation

There will be no spam registrations and these spammers will not be able to go to your site/wp-login.php or /wp-admin and try to figure out your password.

Hide My WP will control access to PHP files making it impossible for visitors to trace your WP theme or WordPress version easily.  Your site will be protected from SQL Injection and XSS attacks because there will be no direct access to your PHP files.  All these adverse attacks cannot recognize or gain access to Wordpress.

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

Hide My WP Installation:

To ease your concerns, Hide My WP does not change any files or folders because everything will stay in their default location. All this plugin will do is control access to your files and your securities.

Once you have installed and activated this plugin you may start configuration.  Go to Settings>Hide My WP, at which time you will be asked to enter your purchase code.

You will get your purchase code by clicking on “Get It” link and then copy and paste your code in.  You will have various settings tabs “Start”, “General Settings” and “Permalinks and URLs”.

If you have the security plugin “Bulletproof” activated, you will get a message that says “You use BulletProof security plugin.”

In “Start” tab, you want to click on Manual Configuration to configure Hide My WP manually.

Under the Start Tab you can choose any one of the pre-made settings or if you have this plugin on another WordPress, you can import or export the settings.

Here is a list of the amazing features you will get with Hide My WP Plugin:

Protect Against Hackers
Hide your wp-login
Hide your wp-admin
Change Your Theme Directory
Remove Theme Info On Style-sheet
Replace Default WP Classes
Curtail style.css URL
Substitute Plugin Directory
Substitute Upload URL
Substitute wp-includes Folder
Substitute Ajax URL
Substitute Query URLs
Substitute/Disable Author Permalinks
Substitute/Disable Feeds
Disable Archives, Pages, Classifications, etc
Hide All Other WP Files
Replace Words In HTML Output
Notification That Others Using Files
Compress HTML Output
Change Default WP Email Sender
Customizing 404 Page
Remove Menu Classes
Cleanup Body Classes
BuddyPress Compatible
Excellent Support

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

In A Nutshell:

This plugin is super easy to install and configure.  Every setting and all the options are explained very clearly so you will always know what you are doing and exactly what the various options do.

At a mere cost of $22, Hide My WP is a great investment.  Anyone who is using WordPress for their online business this is a great bargain for much better security.

No one will know you are using WordPress because Hide My WP will do it! If you are looking for as much security as is humanly possible, this is the plugin for you.

By unclicking the change theme path option will have everything up and working again, should you accidentally break your CSS styles.

You might want to look into what other plugins you are running.  There could be some conflicts, so just be aware of that and where to look if you encounter any issues.

Hide My WP plugin is so popular that there have been more than 8,000 sold with an excellent rating that hovers around 4.5 to 5.

There are many plugins with many different functions, but rarely has there been one that offers so much security for your business site and your own information.  Hide My WP is an excellent plugin at an absolutely affordable price for everyone.  If you use a WordPress platform, this is the plugin you should take very seriously and get installed very soon.

How Can I Download Hide My WP?

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

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