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 Fancy Product Designer Review

To enhance your experience in rapidly growing online stores we are introducing customization tools that add extra dimension to what you can buy or sell. No matters whether you are running a retail store of any kind of stores, you can add custom prints and designs to your products. It increases personal touch of your products that your customers are looking for. It’s not only increase its cost but value of the items as well as your profits.

As we let you know about the customization tools, WooCommerce is one of the best plugins of WordPress for e-commerce. And further in this post I will introduce an additional plugin that will help to add this customization features to your existing or new WooCommerce products.

That additional plugin offers a custom product builder into your WoprdPress admin and fetch that into customization window on the front-end of your product.

So what does Fancy Product Designer Offer?

At the very beginning, this Fancy Product Designer is very simple in use. It uses simple layer technique by which you can add any image in any format (.png, .jpeg, .svg). It works on any WooCommerce product no matter what product is. It allows you to set general parameters or separate ones for each element as well as it let your customers upload their own custom designs. And you can add pictures from Facebook and Instagram.

However, this Fancy Product Designer offers you a bunch of options but for using it there is no need of any coding knowledge and this makes it the most useful plugin. After using it you also can tell that this is the best plugin that any custom product provider should consider.

As I have tested the plugin with my local server, I customize a plain white t-shirt. I have added few logos on it like WordPress logo, WP Mayor logo and some text.

So before let you know about the installation of this plugin, there are few pre requirements:

- WooCommerce plugin needs to be installed and activated.

- You should keep the original directory name of WooCommerce unchanged. That is “woocommerce”, so plugin can able to find it.

 - It works only for those Images that are hosted under the same domain and protocol in which you are running the product designer.

It's easy to download Fancy Product Designer. You only click on button below

Fancy Product Designer  Installation 

It is very easy to install, all you need to do is:

  -  Download the files you are sent with your purchase

  -  Upload them through the plugins section on your WordPress dashboard and hit activate

  -  Now you go to the Setting section of WooCommerce tab and there you get a new tab called Fancy Product Designer.

Along with Fancy Product Designer tab, if you go to the Products tab in the sidebar there you get two new options:  Fancy Products and Fancy Designs.

Fancy Product Designer Settings

For the modification in Fancy Product Designer Settings as per your needs:

First go to WooCommerce Settings -> First Product Designer Settings and now you can see the setup below.

Now in here you get the options to modify as per your needs like Layout & Skin, Colours, Menu Bar, Product Page or other Miscellaneous bits and pieces.

Layout & skin: In this you can change the theme and size of product stage as well as sidebar besides the location of where they will appear.

Colours: In this you can change the colours of selection and boundary in order to match with your theme.

Menu Bar: In it you can choose the options that you want to provide the customers.

Product page: It determines the appearance of your product customizer like how and where your product customizer will appear. You can use a custom hook provided by Fancy Product Designer or simply be it in place of the product image.

Miscellaneous: In the miscellaneous you get many options such as adding Facebook or Instagram ID and setting hexadecimal colour names and “Start Customizing” buttons.

There is one more option called ‘Debug Mode’. Enable this debug mode it will show the pop up whenever you open a page on front-end, showing the info about what might be missing or what might be going wrong. It helps you with solving any issues as well as saves your precise time.

It's easy to download Fancy Product Designer. You only click on button below

Editing a Product on Fancy Product Designer

After choosing the settings now we can move to our first product. In my products section I have a white plain t-shirt and I want to add customizable logo and some text on it.

So for doing this we need to hit Edit Product button and under Product Data we see a new option called Fancy Product. After clicking on Fancy Product tab you get options to add views, change the settings and import/export any views for any product.

The Fancy Product Builder

For customize any view and adding any elements as per our wish, we need to hit Edit Elements tab or go directly to the Fancy Product section under Products in the sidebar.

Here you get Manage Elements section in that you can add elements or text and under this you can set parameters for every element. In determining the location and behavior of the element on the front-end, these parameters help us.

In addition, from its position, scale, bounding box and modification options you can set anything. There are lots of ways to customize elements. Text can differentiate by its font, styling and so on. You can modify everything here like element’s size, text etc.

Now after done with all the modification, the thing is how it will look at the front-end of your WordPress website so don’t worry here also you can manually re-size the element and move it one place to another. Just click on the element and drag it to anywhere. It is kind of editing an image on Photoshop.

It's easy to download Fancy Product Designer. You only click on button below

Including Fancy Designs

In the order of Fancy Designs, you need not to be worry because it has its own section under Products. You can choose any category you want to add the designs and even change their parameters.

By these parameters either we can modify entire category or individually for each design.

Parameters & Options on Fancy Product Designer

If we look in more details at these parameters, in the very beginning you can set the position of the elements on x-axis, y-axis and z-axis. Further we change their scale and colours. Even you can add a price for each element and you can give your customer an option to add money along with the name for a t-shirt. And you can make element drag able, rotatable, resizable and so on by setting up.

At the end, you can set the bounding box for the elements. Here you can make changes in positions, widths and heights or make one element as the bounding box for another. For example, where the printing is limited a logo’s bounding box could be the t-shirt.


Fancy Product Designer for WooCommerce provides many choices to customize your product. At the beginning might be you would take time getting used to it but with the documentation and support you will be very quick in using it.
After getting used to it, you can easily and quickly create awesome looking customizable products.

So if you are interested in creativity and looking to add extra features of customize the products of your e-commerce site, then Fancy Product Designer is for you.

How I Can Download Fancy Product Designer Now?

It's easy to download Fancy Product Designer. You only click on button below

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