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What is Essential Grid

A plugin designed with the objective to be an all-purpose grid creating solution for WordPress is the Essential Grid. Immediately this plugin is installed on your website you will be able to generate grids that are then incorporated to your pages or posts and this grids will be visible on your website side bars. These grids can be exhibited on your website’s homepage if your site design supports it, the grids will enhance the eye-catching impression you desire and help optimize the appearance of your website content as visitors land on your site.

The grids generated by this plugin can showcase numerous contents ranging from posts, pages, images, videos, products and other WordPress content. Essential grids comes with amazing features which includes numerous diverse layouts, skins which will enhance the appearance of the grids you generate and also a skin editor which ensures formatting. Integrated in this plugin are settings which ascertain the content to be exhibited in a specific grid and the appearance of the content.

Theme Punch, a leading developer of plugins for WordPress has among its products Essential grids and also the flourishing Slider Revolution plugin which serves as the standard slider for several premium WordPress themes in the industry.

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

Essential Grid‘s Features

You can format your contents to include apt grid layouts to your WordPress pages or posts and showcase the grid layouts on your website home page. This plugin provides the opportunity to include grids to your website sidebars through a widget.

Before you group this plugin like the common types flooding the market, endeavour to check out the kinds of grids you can include to your website and how your content appearance can be optimized with the use of this plugin. The high potential of this plugin cannot be overemphasised, it helps provide options of formatting your website to have an endearing visual appeal to visitors and furnishes them with a useful interface while accessing your website content.

A wide array of grid layouts is available for selection and you are opportune to format any to meet your requirements. Essential Grids is easy to use, with its many layouts even WordPress users with little or no experience of using plugins will still attain success in optimizing their website.

Essential grids afford advanced users and other individuals the opportunity to influence the elements they add to the website through customization options.

It is noteworthy to state that Essential Grid consists of over 30 skins which allow you to add new appearance to your grids with ease. The essential Grid also contains a visual skin editor through which you can employ the skins integrated in the plugin and also generate unique skins of your own.

With Essential grids you can access all kinds of WordPress content and you are afforded the opportunity to generate unique grids with the following features.

•    Posts containing custom post types
•    Image and Media Galleries
•    Products (WooCommerce)
•    Videos

To ascertain it is just the content you require that is exhibited in a particular grid, Essential Grids allows you to include any type of WordPress that is apt to your grid layouts. Content can be filtered by category, posts, and tags which ensure that just the definite content you want are presented on a specific grid.

There are no restrictions to the types of grids that you can generate. With Essential Grids you can include diverse types of grid layouts to your website, they include:

•    Masonry
•    Variable width columns
•    WooCommerce product displays
•    Video layouts
•    Price tables
•    Full width
•    Full screen
•    Sliders

Rollover effects are integrated to each of these grid layouts. Once you move the mouse cursor over the items their effects are activated. Effects may include exhibiting a colour overlay, texts and links directing visitors to view the image or content posted on the website. These incorporated effects are attractive and they can help give your website the necessary lift and create positive long lasting impressions on your visitors.

Essential grid supports exhibiting contents on a wide range of screen sizes, ranging from tablets to smaller screen smart phones like other similar trending plugins.
The grids you generate on your website will automatic restructure and resize, ensuring that it can be viewed and supported regardless of the screen size of the user.

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

Using the Essential Grid Plugin

Essential Grid is integrated with numerous features and settings, but it is necessary to state that its unique add-ons do not make it a complicated plugin rather it is user friendly and highly beneficial.

This review discusses how to generate a grid and manage the numerous settings available for formatting grids.

Immediately you set up plugin on your website, Ess. Grids and Ess Grid menu options will be include to your WordPress dashboard. The first option affords you the ability to handle any available grids on your website while the other option affords you the opportunity to create new grids.

Once you click on ‘Create New Ess. Grid’ button on the the Ess. Grid control panel, you are directed to a grid builder where you can generate your apt and unique grids.

Essential Grids adopt a clean interface which is similar to the standard Wordpress user interface to allow for easy grid generation. To allow easy and uncomplicated grid creation on small screen sized devices, the backend of the plugin is made supportive.

Steps to grid creation:

•    Name the grid
•    Choose a source for the content
•    Establish a media source
•    Describe the grid layout
•    Include navigation controls to the grid
•    Select how the contents will be arranged
•    Choose a skin for designing the grid
•    Establish animation and rollover effects
•    Include videos of choice
•    Format the lightbox effect
•    Select a loading spinner
•    Save the grid.

The steps may seem lengthy, but they do not need much input from the user and are listed in detail to allow for easy grid creation. You can preview your grid as you complete each steps, affording you to see the outcome of the decisions you make and the expected grid quality.

Below the settings is the grid preview located on the same page as the options, allowing you to see the effect of the changes you are making to the settings without navigating pages back and forth.

You can easily understand the diverse features and settings on Essential Grid through the guide papers that accompany the Plugin. The guide provides detailed information on every option and how to develop an apt grid for your website.

The skin editor integrated in this plugin will be valued by website designers or individuals who are concerned on how their grids are exhibited because it allows the users to tweak skins to fit their intentions and build new skins or edit an existing template.

Available elements can be included to your skin through the drag and drop feature on the skin editor interface. Elements constitute read more buttons, icons for content preview and text overlays which can be incorporated into the grid content.

An amazing feature that allows you to manage your skin appearance and create a unique grid layout using Essential Grid all you require is to set up the CSS editor for the skin you want and make direct modifications to the original CSS.

The plugin supports exportation of the skins and grids you generated for use on other websites and their inclusion in WordPress themes.

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

Essential Grid Pricing

Essential plugin provides best value for money. It is affordably priced at only $26 and packaged with amazing features and settings to help you create that unique grid you desire on your website.


Website designers and individual who value creativity and love adding their own content or style will be impressed with the Essential Grid interface.

Theme punch developers of this plugin made it their priority to design a user friendly interface with adequate settings, options and flexibility affording both website developers and individuals with limited knowledge the opportunity to use the plugin to ensure their website is appealing and attractive to visitors that land on their websites.

If you adopt the grid template provided you will still create impressive and suitable grid for your WordPress website. Tweaking the settings or using the skin editor feature with expertise ensures you to create diverse unique grids.

This amazing plugin is effective in creating grids and adding contents to your website with the aid of numerous features and settings. The fact that this plugin was developed by Theme punch, which is associated with quality and standard gives credence and assure that regular updates will be made to Essential Grid.

Essential Grid is highly suggested if you require a Plugin that affords you the opportunity to include grids consisting of posts, products, images and videos to your site that will support any theme and most devices.

How Can I Download Essential Grid Now?

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

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