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What Is Booking System Pro?

Booking System Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create a booking and/or reservation system directly onto your WordPress website or on your blog.  The system will display calendars for you to see all openings, dates and hours.  With Booking System Pro, you can book anything anytime and anywhere.

Booking System Pro Benefits:

It supports Multi-Sites, Multi-Users and Multi-Languages as well.  It is combined with Booking Management along with Management for Reservations.  Booking System Pro also supports all Paypal payments and will book all days and hours literally to the minute.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below

Booking System Pro Features:


Front End Booking Calendar will quickly react to all bookings and can be viewed on all browsers and other devices.

Booking Calendar:

The Booking Calendar is displayed in Front End and clients will be able to see openings and thereby make reservations along with appointments.  Clientele can choose to display multiple months at a time or choose fewer for better viewing.  In turn, your clients can click on specific calendar days and hours in order to choose the booking period they want.

Booking Calendar also offers a side bar so clients can search availabilities throughout the calendar, they can select the number of rooms or items they require.  They will also have access to pricing and then book what they want by filling out a customization booking form.

Another excellent feature is The Check In or Out Dates that may be viewed with American dates – month/day/year or with European dates – Day/Month/Year.

The Back End Booking Calendar is very similar to the Front End Calendar.  Administrators may add information so they may view the same information as their clients.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below

Book Days:

You may add pricing, the number of available items and promotional pricing.  You can add information for each day in the Front End Booking Calendar and then add notes for yourself or other administrators in the Back End Booking Calendar.

The days will be seen in the Calendar with the following stats:


You can set Price and Status for individual groups of days, set your discounts by the number of days set down and set minimum and-maximum period of days you are permitted to book.  You will set the first day of the week as it will appear in the Booking Calendar.  You can set up general availabilities and unavailability days of the week as well.

Morning Check Out . All information will be displayed in the Calendar so if you need to check in the afternoon but check out in the morning, it's done.  This is a perfect feature for hotel bookings.

Book Hours:

You have total and complete control over the number of hours you need to use in Booking Calendar.  You can set the the same or different hours down to the minute throughout the whole calendar and the same with the same or different days.

Again, add pricing, promotionals and/or number of items available for each hour in the Front End Booking Calendar.  While in the Back End Booking Calendar you may add notes for yourself or other administrators.

Your hours will be displayed  as: Available, Booked, Specials, Unavailable or None.  You can set your pricing and status for hours using AM/PM or 24 hours formats.

Extend With WoocCommerce:

Take advantage of the shopping cart, your payment methods and many other features in WooCommerce.

If you are not familiar with WooCommerce, it is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.  It is perfectly designed for both small to large online merchants using WordPress.  It's popularity is based on its simplicity to install and is very customizable.

Multi-Language Support:

You can easily change translations or text in Back End with this simple “To Do” translation tool.  Please note, not all languages are able to be translated.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below


You can select any currency you with to use in your Booking Calendar.


Booking requests can be very simply approved or rejected by administration and the calendar will make the changes in accordance with the administration's choices.  Again, as administrator, you may Add, Approve, Reject, Cancel or Delete any and all reservations.

Administrators may filter or search reservations and these are displayed in a list.

Booking Forms:

This is an excellent tool allowing you to customize a form in such a way that you can accumulate information you need from your clients.  You can go so far as to create an unlimited number of forms for all your calendars and client groups.  This form supports text fields such as phone numbers, names, emails, etc.

Payment Systems:

It's PayPal credit card supported.

Multiple CSS Templates:

Create unlimited numbers of CSS Templates in order to customize your Front End Calendars.

Multiple Email Templates:

This is wonderful for notification emails because you can create unlimited numbers of these templates as well.

Multi Sites and Multi Users:

This allows administrators access to all calendars while users have access to the Booking System along with the Booking System Custom.  The administrators can create Booking Calendars and allow access to different users.  Users may also create a post with a Booking Calendar attached to it.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below


You can add Booking Calendar into a Widget area and the side bar into a widget area as well.

Booking System Pro Download

Booking System Pro extends Booking System Pro abilities with WooCommerce.  WooCommerce version 1.9 has added more compatibilities.  You will be able to take advantage of a wonderful shopping cart, payment methods and many other great features with WooCommerce along with all the plugins that have been created for WordPress e Commerce tool-kits.

Booking System Pro

How I Can Download Booking System Pro Now?

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below

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