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[OFFICIAL] Essential Grid Download 2015 - Download Now

What is Essential Grid

A plugin designed with the objective to be an all-purpose grid creating solution for WordPress is the Essential Grid. Immediately this plugin is installed on your website you will be able to generate grids that are then incorporated to your pages or posts and this grids will be visible on your website side bars. These grids can be exhibited on your website’s homepage if your site design supports it, the grids will enhance the eye-catching impression you desire and help optimize the appearance of your website content as visitors land on your site.

The grids generated by this plugin can showcase numerous contents ranging from posts, pages, images, videos, products and other WordPress content. Essential grids comes with amazing features which includes numerous diverse layouts, skins which will enhance the appearance of the grids you generate and also a skin editor which ensures formatting. Integrated in this plugin are settings which ascertain the content to be exhibited in a specific grid and the appearance of the content.

Theme Punch, a leading developer of plugins for WordPress has among its products Essential grids and also the flourishing Slider Revolution plugin which serves as the standard slider for several premium WordPress themes in the industry.

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

Essential Grid‘s Features

You can format your contents to include apt grid layouts to your WordPress pages or posts and showcase the grid layouts on your website home page. This plugin provides the opportunity to include grids to your website sidebars through a widget.

Before you group this plugin like the common types flooding the market, endeavour to check out the kinds of grids you can include to your website and how your content appearance can be optimized with the use of this plugin. The high potential of this plugin cannot be overemphasised, it helps provide options of formatting your website to have an endearing visual appeal to visitors and furnishes them with a useful interface while accessing your website content.

A wide array of grid layouts is available for selection and you are opportune to format any to meet your requirements. Essential Grids is easy to use, with its many layouts even WordPress users with little or no experience of using plugins will still attain success in optimizing their website.

Essential grids afford advanced users and other individuals the opportunity to influence the elements they add to the website through customization options.

It is noteworthy to state that Essential Grid consists of over 30 skins which allow you to add new appearance to your grids with ease. The essential Grid also contains a visual skin editor through which you can employ the skins integrated in the plugin and also generate unique skins of your own.

With Essential grids you can access all kinds of WordPress content and you are afforded the opportunity to generate unique grids with the following features.

•    Posts containing custom post types
•    Image and Media Galleries
•    Products (WooCommerce)
•    Videos

To ascertain it is just the content you require that is exhibited in a particular grid, Essential Grids allows you to include any type of WordPress that is apt to your grid layouts. Content can be filtered by category, posts, and tags which ensure that just the definite content you want are presented on a specific grid.

There are no restrictions to the types of grids that you can generate. With Essential Grids you can include diverse types of grid layouts to your website, they include:

•    Masonry
•    Variable width columns
•    WooCommerce product displays
•    Video layouts
•    Price tables
•    Full width
•    Full screen
•    Sliders

Rollover effects are integrated to each of these grid layouts. Once you move the mouse cursor over the items their effects are activated. Effects may include exhibiting a colour overlay, texts and links directing visitors to view the image or content posted on the website. These incorporated effects are attractive and they can help give your website the necessary lift and create positive long lasting impressions on your visitors.

Essential grid supports exhibiting contents on a wide range of screen sizes, ranging from tablets to smaller screen smart phones like other similar trending plugins.
The grids you generate on your website will automatic restructure and resize, ensuring that it can be viewed and supported regardless of the screen size of the user.

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

Using the Essential Grid Plugin

Essential Grid is integrated with numerous features and settings, but it is necessary to state that its unique add-ons do not make it a complicated plugin rather it is user friendly and highly beneficial.

This review discusses how to generate a grid and manage the numerous settings available for formatting grids.

Immediately you set up plugin on your website, Ess. Grids and Ess Grid menu options will be include to your WordPress dashboard. The first option affords you the ability to handle any available grids on your website while the other option affords you the opportunity to create new grids.

Once you click on ‘Create New Ess. Grid’ button on the the Ess. Grid control panel, you are directed to a grid builder where you can generate your apt and unique grids.

Essential Grids adopt a clean interface which is similar to the standard Wordpress user interface to allow for easy grid generation. To allow easy and uncomplicated grid creation on small screen sized devices, the backend of the plugin is made supportive.

Steps to grid creation:

•    Name the grid
•    Choose a source for the content
•    Establish a media source
•    Describe the grid layout
•    Include navigation controls to the grid
•    Select how the contents will be arranged
•    Choose a skin for designing the grid
•    Establish animation and rollover effects
•    Include videos of choice
•    Format the lightbox effect
•    Select a loading spinner
•    Save the grid.

The steps may seem lengthy, but they do not need much input from the user and are listed in detail to allow for easy grid creation. You can preview your grid as you complete each steps, affording you to see the outcome of the decisions you make and the expected grid quality.

Below the settings is the grid preview located on the same page as the options, allowing you to see the effect of the changes you are making to the settings without navigating pages back and forth.

You can easily understand the diverse features and settings on Essential Grid through the guide papers that accompany the Plugin. The guide provides detailed information on every option and how to develop an apt grid for your website.

The skin editor integrated in this plugin will be valued by website designers or individuals who are concerned on how their grids are exhibited because it allows the users to tweak skins to fit their intentions and build new skins or edit an existing template.

Available elements can be included to your skin through the drag and drop feature on the skin editor interface. Elements constitute read more buttons, icons for content preview and text overlays which can be incorporated into the grid content.

An amazing feature that allows you to manage your skin appearance and create a unique grid layout using Essential Grid all you require is to set up the CSS editor for the skin you want and make direct modifications to the original CSS.

The plugin supports exportation of the skins and grids you generated for use on other websites and their inclusion in WordPress themes.

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

Essential Grid Pricing

Essential plugin provides best value for money. It is affordably priced at only $26 and packaged with amazing features and settings to help you create that unique grid you desire on your website.


Website designers and individual who value creativity and love adding their own content or style will be impressed with the Essential Grid interface.

Theme punch developers of this plugin made it their priority to design a user friendly interface with adequate settings, options and flexibility affording both website developers and individuals with limited knowledge the opportunity to use the plugin to ensure their website is appealing and attractive to visitors that land on their websites.

If you adopt the grid template provided you will still create impressive and suitable grid for your WordPress website. Tweaking the settings or using the skin editor feature with expertise ensures you to create diverse unique grids.

This amazing plugin is effective in creating grids and adding contents to your website with the aid of numerous features and settings. The fact that this plugin was developed by Theme punch, which is associated with quality and standard gives credence and assure that regular updates will be made to Essential Grid.

Essential Grid is highly suggested if you require a Plugin that affords you the opportunity to include grids consisting of posts, products, images and videos to your site that will support any theme and most devices.

How Can I Download Essential Grid Now?

It's easy to download Essential Grid. You only click on button below

[OFFICIAL] Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 2015 - Download Now

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

The use of Addons complements the elements of the well-known WordPress page builder – Visual Composer.

If you still find this unclear, check the previous post “Best Visual Composer Extensions” for better clarification.

Also, you could check the post “Best Visual Composer Extensions.”

Aside the elements provided by WPBakery, this plugin also equips your Visual composer with many first-class elements

All the extensions needed by your Visual Composer should be covered by Ultimate Addons.

Ultimate Addons is rated as the best-selling addon solution for the standard WordPress page builder, with a 4.80/5 average rating and over 9,000 copies sold.

Any extension or Addon for Visual Composer definitely requires Visual Composer.

It's easy to download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer . You only click on button below

Additional elements include: 

Info Box, Flip Box, Icons, Info List, Counter, Timeline, Interactive Banner, Extended Google Maps, Hover Parallax, Modal Popup Box, Fixed Image Background, Icon Fonts Manager, Vertical & Horizontal Parallax, Multilayer Hover Parallax and Video Background….
Info Box – List the important things you have on offer

Flip Box – Flip elements using a cool CSS3 effect

Icons – Use it to display a list of clients, logos, sponsors, partners, etc.

Info List – List your most related / popular products, services and features

Counter – Reveal your milestones, accomplishments, and numeric statistics using animated numbers

Timeline – Use Facebook style of Timeline display

Interactive Banner – Show nice and attractive image blocks

Extended Google Maps – Extended Visual Composer comes loaded with Google Maps elements

Hover Parallax – Each cursor movement results in a creative background move

Modal Popup Box – Design modal popup boxes and use easy WYSIWYG editor to embed whatever you wish inside the popup box

Fixed Image Background – Maintains the position of images as other content moves on scroll

Info Circle – Information circle

Info Tables – Produce attractive information tables

Just Icon – Create standard icon and provide some custom style.   

Price Box – Create pricing tables with nice overview

Spacer/Gap – Modify space between components (a lot of times, (his comes in handy and the reason why it is not incorporated into core Visual Composer is unknown to me)

Google Trends – Show insights though Google Trends Display

Headings – Amazing headings styles   

Vertical & Horizontal Parallax – The background moves at different speed & direction from your content on scroll   

Video Background – Leaves a video playing in the background

Multilayer Hover Parallax – Make a 3D parallax that is real

Customize Your Own Icon Fonts – Over 2500 icons to choose from
Few elements in beta (limited to WooCommerce plugin):

Product Carousel – Display products in carousel slider

List View – Have products displayed in list view

Grid View – Have products displayed in grid view

Single Product – Shoe just one product from list

For those who already have useful themes integrated with their Visual Composer, it is still possible to use Ultimate addons for Visual Composer plugin if heavy modification has not been done to the Core Visual Composer plugin.

You may also wish to try first before you buy. This is possible through a login data that will be sent to any email you provide. You will receive a link for the login.

When this is done, you have a 24 hour free trial of Ultimate addons for Visual Composer which is enough to help you decide if it’s useful to you. Don’t waste the time you have for trial.

How Can I Download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Now?

It's easy to download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer . You only click on button below

[OFFICIAL] Hide My WP Download 2015 - Download Now

What Is Hide My WP?

Hide My WP is an amazing WordPress plugin that literally hides the fact that your website is running on WordPress.  It will control any access to your PHP files and protect your site from vicious attacks.

How It Works:

WordPress is probably the most popular website platform on the internet to date.  That said, there are tons of hackers who spend their time trying to break into WordPress sites daily.  Your site needs to be protected from these hackers and Hide My WP is an excellent addition for your security responsibilities.  It's extremely easy to install and setup and there is absolutely no reason to pass this by.

Hide My WP literally hides your important PHP files such as login and admin.  It curtails your CSS style-sheet, changing your plugin directory, upload URL, query URLs, author permalinks, disables or changes feeds along with disabling WordPress archives and classification.  This plugin will hide all other Wordpress files such as license and readme.

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

Added Benefits:

Hide My WP will actually let you know if someone is snooping around in your files.  You will view the snooper's user name, IP address, referrer, user name and agent or whether it was your web developer, co-worker, etc.

Hide My WP will also give you a custom 404 page to replace words in your HTML output file, body class cleanup and many more options.  It's always an excellent idea to implement plugins that will protect your site because there's always something going on that is not in your best benefit.

There are many plugins and services available to aid in securing your Wordpress site.  But how many plugins will make your site bulletproof?  Hide My WP will do just that and do it well.  Let's face it, the whole idea is to give your site an extra layer of protection and security!

What Hide My WP Will Prevent:

Bots and automated software will not be able to target your WordPress installation

There will be no spam registrations and these spammers will not be able to go to your site/wp-login.php or /wp-admin and try to figure out your password.

Hide My WP will control access to PHP files making it impossible for visitors to trace your WP theme or WordPress version easily.  Your site will be protected from SQL Injection and XSS attacks because there will be no direct access to your PHP files.  All these adverse attacks cannot recognize or gain access to Wordpress.

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

Hide My WP Installation:

To ease your concerns, Hide My WP does not change any files or folders because everything will stay in their default location. All this plugin will do is control access to your files and your securities.

Once you have installed and activated this plugin you may start configuration.  Go to Settings>Hide My WP, at which time you will be asked to enter your purchase code.

You will get your purchase code by clicking on “Get It” link and then copy and paste your code in.  You will have various settings tabs “Start”, “General Settings” and “Permalinks and URLs”.

If you have the security plugin “Bulletproof” activated, you will get a message that says “You use BulletProof security plugin.”

In “Start” tab, you want to click on Manual Configuration to configure Hide My WP manually.

Under the Start Tab you can choose any one of the pre-made settings or if you have this plugin on another WordPress, you can import or export the settings.

Here is a list of the amazing features you will get with Hide My WP Plugin:

Protect Against Hackers
Hide your wp-login
Hide your wp-admin
Change Your Theme Directory
Remove Theme Info On Style-sheet
Replace Default WP Classes
Curtail style.css URL
Substitute Plugin Directory
Substitute Upload URL
Substitute wp-includes Folder
Substitute Ajax URL
Substitute Query URLs
Substitute/Disable Author Permalinks
Substitute/Disable Feeds
Disable Archives, Pages, Classifications, etc
Hide All Other WP Files
Replace Words In HTML Output
Notification That Others Using Files
Compress HTML Output
Change Default WP Email Sender
Customizing 404 Page
Remove Menu Classes
Cleanup Body Classes
BuddyPress Compatible
Excellent Support

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

In A Nutshell:

This plugin is super easy to install and configure.  Every setting and all the options are explained very clearly so you will always know what you are doing and exactly what the various options do.

At a mere cost of $22, Hide My WP is a great investment.  Anyone who is using WordPress for their online business this is a great bargain for much better security.

No one will know you are using WordPress because Hide My WP will do it! If you are looking for as much security as is humanly possible, this is the plugin for you.

By unclicking the change theme path option will have everything up and working again, should you accidentally break your CSS styles.

You might want to look into what other plugins you are running.  There could be some conflicts, so just be aware of that and where to look if you encounter any issues.

Hide My WP plugin is so popular that there have been more than 8,000 sold with an excellent rating that hovers around 4.5 to 5.

There are many plugins with many different functions, but rarely has there been one that offers so much security for your business site and your own information.  Hide My WP is an excellent plugin at an absolutely affordable price for everyone.  If you use a WordPress platform, this is the plugin you should take very seriously and get installed very soon.

How Can I Download Hide My WP?

It's easy to download Hide My WP. You only click on button below

Booking System Pro Download 2015 - Download Now

What Is Booking System Pro?

Booking System Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create a booking and/or reservation system directly onto your WordPress website or on your blog.  The system will display calendars for you to see all openings, dates and hours.  With Booking System Pro, you can book anything anytime and anywhere.

Booking System Pro Benefits:

It supports Multi-Sites, Multi-Users and Multi-Languages as well.  It is combined with Booking Management along with Management for Reservations.  Booking System Pro also supports all Paypal payments and will book all days and hours literally to the minute.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below

Booking System Pro Features:


Front End Booking Calendar will quickly react to all bookings and can be viewed on all browsers and other devices.

Booking Calendar:

The Booking Calendar is displayed in Front End and clients will be able to see openings and thereby make reservations along with appointments.  Clientele can choose to display multiple months at a time or choose fewer for better viewing.  In turn, your clients can click on specific calendar days and hours in order to choose the booking period they want.

Booking Calendar also offers a side bar so clients can search availabilities throughout the calendar, they can select the number of rooms or items they require.  They will also have access to pricing and then book what they want by filling out a customization booking form.

Another excellent feature is The Check In or Out Dates that may be viewed with American dates – month/day/year or with European dates – Day/Month/Year.

The Back End Booking Calendar is very similar to the Front End Calendar.  Administrators may add information so they may view the same information as their clients.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below

Book Days:

You may add pricing, the number of available items and promotional pricing.  You can add information for each day in the Front End Booking Calendar and then add notes for yourself or other administrators in the Back End Booking Calendar.

The days will be seen in the Calendar with the following stats:


You can set Price and Status for individual groups of days, set your discounts by the number of days set down and set minimum and-maximum period of days you are permitted to book.  You will set the first day of the week as it will appear in the Booking Calendar.  You can set up general availabilities and unavailability days of the week as well.

Morning Check Out . All information will be displayed in the Calendar so if you need to check in the afternoon but check out in the morning, it's done.  This is a perfect feature for hotel bookings.

Book Hours:

You have total and complete control over the number of hours you need to use in Booking Calendar.  You can set the the same or different hours down to the minute throughout the whole calendar and the same with the same or different days.

Again, add pricing, promotionals and/or number of items available for each hour in the Front End Booking Calendar.  While in the Back End Booking Calendar you may add notes for yourself or other administrators.

Your hours will be displayed  as: Available, Booked, Specials, Unavailable or None.  You can set your pricing and status for hours using AM/PM or 24 hours formats.

Extend With WoocCommerce:

Take advantage of the shopping cart, your payment methods and many other features in WooCommerce.

If you are not familiar with WooCommerce, it is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.  It is perfectly designed for both small to large online merchants using WordPress.  It's popularity is based on its simplicity to install and is very customizable.

Multi-Language Support:

You can easily change translations or text in Back End with this simple “To Do” translation tool.  Please note, not all languages are able to be translated.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below


You can select any currency you with to use in your Booking Calendar.


Booking requests can be very simply approved or rejected by administration and the calendar will make the changes in accordance with the administration's choices.  Again, as administrator, you may Add, Approve, Reject, Cancel or Delete any and all reservations.

Administrators may filter or search reservations and these are displayed in a list.

Booking Forms:

This is an excellent tool allowing you to customize a form in such a way that you can accumulate information you need from your clients.  You can go so far as to create an unlimited number of forms for all your calendars and client groups.  This form supports text fields such as phone numbers, names, emails, etc.

Payment Systems:

It's PayPal credit card supported.

Multiple CSS Templates:

Create unlimited numbers of CSS Templates in order to customize your Front End Calendars.

Multiple Email Templates:

This is wonderful for notification emails because you can create unlimited numbers of these templates as well.

Multi Sites and Multi Users:

This allows administrators access to all calendars while users have access to the Booking System along with the Booking System Custom.  The administrators can create Booking Calendars and allow access to different users.  Users may also create a post with a Booking Calendar attached to it.

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below


You can add Booking Calendar into a Widget area and the side bar into a widget area as well.

Booking System Pro Download

Booking System Pro extends Booking System Pro abilities with WooCommerce.  WooCommerce version 1.9 has added more compatibilities.  You will be able to take advantage of a wonderful shopping cart, payment methods and many other great features with WooCommerce along with all the plugins that have been created for WordPress e Commerce tool-kits.

Booking System Pro

How I Can Download Booking System Pro Now?

It's easy to download Booking System Pro. You only click on button below

GSA Search Engine Ranker 2015 - Download Now

GSA Search Engine Ranker Review

Designed by GSA is an automated link creating software known as Search Engine Ranker, it operates by submitting content to over 500 diverse platforms and promptly generate valuable links in hundreds directed to your website.

It is noteworthy that this software can be made operational in about 10 minutes. Take time to go through this review to ascertain if the Search Engine Ranker is just what you need to promote your website.

What is GSA Search Engine Ranker?

In 2012, GSA a software design firm situated in Rostock, Germany designed and released the Search Engine Ranker which serves as a link creating software.

GSA specializes in the production of diverse online marketing style software, apart from the search Engine Ranker other software produced by GSA are Platform Ranker, Address Completion, Email Spider, Captcha Breaker and a host of others.

How GSA Search Engine Ranker operates

The primary aim of the search engine Ranker is to create links with ease and efficiency.

The software operates by scanning over 500 websites across the internet automatically to spot the best websites to place your links.

Majorly individuals use the search engine ranker to target tier 2 and below websites, some persons employ it to point to their tier 1 websites.

Unlike several links creating software firms online who base link creation on Trackbacks, guest books, blog comments GSA Search Engine Ranker offers more.

The limitation such firms face is that Google is well informed that most link creating software employ blog comments, track backs and have degraded their impact on link building. At present blog comments and trackbacks are of no use to pointing towards even low tier websites.

GSA Search Engine Ranker boasts of placing your link on websites of diverse nature.

This includes:

•    Wiki Sites
•    Article Directories
•    Image Sites
•    Blogs
•    Forums
•    Social Bookmarks

GSA keep abreast with the recent search engine market direction and prospects, they also put your links in top novel websites immediately they are hosted.

How to use GSA Search Engine Ranker

The beauty of GSA Search Engine Ranker is its simplicity of use, no complicated setup procedure is required even if you download the software from an online store. In fact to use the software all you need do is to get it started.

GSA affords you the opportunity to format the Search Engine Ranker with proxies, tiered linking and spin texts easily.

Follow the steps below to get started on Search Engine Ranker:

1.    On the listed bookmarked sites enter in your account information. On the list you find a number of website by default which you can add to if you so wish

2.    When posting on blog comments and trackbacks on web 2.0s and wiki websites fill in the section created to ask for your comments or complete articles. GSA furnishes you with the opportunity to spin text employing {and} brackets to interchange words in the creation section

3.    Examine the websites you desire to create your links

4.    Then click on the submit button and allow GSA Engine Ranker do place links on the best sites.

The activities carried out by GSA Search Engine Ranker involve careful examination of all the links, authenticating your account information and making an effort to post your content. This process will occur without constraints if you accurately followed step 1 and 2 above because GSA Search Engine Ranker is designed to post your content effortlessly.

To boost your search engine rankings or update content all you need do is repeat the process above.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Features

Amazing features of GSA Search engine Ranker are:

•    The software can run in the background to facilitate 24 hours automatic backlink creation
•    Software is actively connected to your key words and you are not restricted to a rigid database
•    Forums, blog comments and other type of sites will be linked to your keywords at all times
•    Backlinks core text identifies with your keyword
•    Software only post to websites suitable to your link content such as high PageRank or 5+ years old
•    When a link is created on a website, the site search engine will automatically be alerted.
•     Software provides unrestricted lifetime license and updates
•     Backlinks scanning occurs after filling only three sections
•    Employs Spinner Chief to prevent content duplication
•    Enhanced to support submission on over 100 platforms

What Does Google Think?

Google clearly stated search engine policies do not allow the use of artificial link creation. In fact, Google degrades all artificial links creating software and relegates them to bottom rankings on search engines.

Fully aware of this policies GSA created a Google friendly Search Engine Ranker to help build links just like other top link building software available on the internet.
GSA makes it their business to ensure Google does not devalue your backlinks and keeps you top of Google rankings through selecting the suitable websites, posting high quality contents and securing backlinks on apt websites.

However, caution is required on posting high volume of spam blog comment or meaningless texts as Google is well equipped to reprimand the source website.

Majorly individuals use the search engine ranker to target tier 2 and below websites, though some persons employ it to direct links generated to tier 1 websites.

The benefit of GSA Search Engine Ranker is that it automatically picks the websites that identifies with your keywords and content. For instance when you post content about acquiring an online degree in Cuba, you will notice backlinks appearing on websites containing information on Cuba.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Pricing

GSA Search Engine Ranker is more affordable and at moderate cost for a one- time payment of as low as $99 unlike other high priced SEO software.

To enable you understand how affordable our software cost we furnish you with the costs of related software such as Magic Submitter which costs $67 monthly, Senuke XCR is priced at $147 monthly and also Ultimate Demon priced at $47 monthly or a one-time payment of $397.

Obviously, it is crystal clear that GSA Search Engine Ranker is affordable and at a lower price compared to other SEO software which perform similar tasks.

The software is characteristically updated about 5 times monthly since its release to reflect improvement in search engine market trend and our one-time payment package also comes with unrestricted lifetime updates and licenses.

Who Should Use GSA Search Engine Ranker?

Magic Submitter, Senuke XCR, and Ultimate Demon are top link posting software programs obtainable online which competes with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Although they perform similar tasks GSA Search Engine Ranker is more economical.

The feedback received from users shows a high success rate compared to the use of similar software. The quality is not undermined despite its low pricing, it is potent software which boasts of high rate of submissions and can help you circumvent Google sanctions on your account.

GSA Search Engine
Ranker is the wise choice and as good lifetime value. With free 4-5 times monthly update at $99 you cannot have better value for your money.

[OFFICIAL] Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 2015 - Download Now

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Review

Keeping the PC secure and murmuring are the two most vital things a client tries to accomplish. For quite a while, most Internet Security suites available pack in apparatuses for enhancing the framework alongside the segments for fighting off advanced dangers.

IObit tries to accomplish literally the same objective with Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, by adjusting framework streamlining instruments with an antivirus module that ought to keep malware under control.

Adaptation 7 of the item has been discharged as of late, including backing for the most recent Windows working frameworks (8 and 8.1) and additionally Internet Explorer 11. Also, it includes a huge number of new devices and changes for expanding general execution of the framework and reinforcing security.

The counter malware security included in the bundle depends on Bit defender’s antivirus motor alongside IObit's own particular Malware Fighter.

Critical to know is that the security parts in Advanced SystemCare Ultimate ought to create no contentions with other introduced assurance suites. We had it keep running alongside ESET Smart Security and Webfoot Secure Anywhere and no lapses were recorded.

IObit's in with no reservations one framework advancement and security group is routinely accessible for $49.99/36.77 EUR (one year, three PCs), however for a restricted time the organization makes it accessible with a rebate, at $29.99/22 EUR.

Introducing Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 is genuinely simple and the method finished with an instructional exercise that clarifies the principle elements of the bundle.

It's easy to download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. You only click on button below

Much the same as the Pro version of the item, the primary modules are effectively open from the fundamental application window and, with little special cases, the same association of utilities is accessible.

Be that as it may, in this bundle there is an additional segment accessible, to oblige the antivirus capacities. The principle capacities allude to checking (fast, full or custom) while a drop-down board offers access to empowering or impairing ongoing insurance, Windows firewall or the quiet mode (handles identified dangers naturally and keeps running on low assets when full screen errands are recognized).

This is likewise the spot for getting to the arrangement board for the antivirus. There aren't an excess of alternatives accessible and any client even remotely acquainted with an antivirus item ought to have the capacity to handle them.

Setting up the antivirus insurance includes characterizing a move to be made when malware is experienced, modifying the assurance level as indicated by the kind of records to be secured (files DLL, EXE, archives) or making a rundown with things to be excluded from check amid sweeps.

The rundown with isolated documents is additionally accessible here and the current choices grant restoring information in the event of false positive or flushing every single gathered danger into blankness.

We put under a magnifying glass the location and disposal abilities present in Advanced System Care Ultimate and utilized a database with 12,998 specimens. Following an approximately 45-moment assessment, the item marked 8,173 of them as malevolent and deserted 4,815.

This adds up to a recognition and end rate of very nearly 63%. The number may appear on the low side, yet for an application whose primary reason for existing is to enhance the execution of the framework the outcome is really noteworthy. Also, it can run one next to the other with committed security arrangements.

For a snappy and programmed appraisal of the framework and the level of grime stopping up it, "Give it a second thought" module can check the registry for invalid passages and its level of fracture, uncover superfluous information, recognize execution and program issues and also circle blunders and uninstalled Windows overhauls.

For our situation, the rundown page introduced a horrid report, educating of an aggregate of 10,859 issues. Then again, the majority of them were program issues (9,798) which comprised in a rundown of shabby sites, BHOs and treats that were not blocked and could present dangers.

Starting the repair grouping and re-checking, the test PC did not get it top shape and we needed to rehash the methodology a couple times to get a "no issue" message and a decent score no matter how you look at it.

It's easy to download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. You only click on button below

Progressed System Care Ultimate 7 has just about the same Toolbox area as the Pro version of the suite. Recently presented utilities (Homepage Protection, Uninstaller, ManageMyMobile, Driver Booster, Program Deactivator and Start Menu 8) are obviously stamped in the interface.

The rundown of instruments is gigantic and spreads everything a client requirements for keeping up a quick paced PC. In any case, not every one of them are packaged in and as a rule the first get to means sitting tight for them to download and introduce out of sight.

Still on the drawback, they introduce as individual items, complete with easy routes put on the desktop and separate sections in the framework. Aside from this, the same issues we saw while checking on the Pro version of the application continued.

ManageMyMobile and Program Deactivator are still in beta phase of improvement, and on account of the previous, we couldn't make it associate with a test Nexus 4 telephone. This utility ought to fundamentally permit simple treatment of contacts and media documents (music, feature and pictures) accessible on the cell phone.

It's easy to download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. You only click on button below

Aside from projects particularly developed for speeding the PC the tool kit likewise contains utilities for finding out about the equipment and programming innards of the framework.

Framework Information gives a summary of the assets accessible, from CPU and RAM to representation card subtle elements, stockpiling, peripherals and presentation gadget.

Tweaking of the working framework to make it carry on to client's loving is additionally accessible, through System Control apparatus. It acts a general control board for altering the connection menu alternatives, the taskbar, logon settings, boot defragmentation or lapse taking care of.

Record destroying to guarantee things are not recoverable is additionally on the rundown, making accessible secure erase principles, for example, that utilized by US Department of Defense or Guttmann's which overwrites information 35 times.

With the exception of the antivirus module and the way that it can't be transformed into a versatile form, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is not very not the same as the Pro release. Another contrast is that it gives the full form of the Protected Folder application, which made a decent showing amid our tests, concealing and ensuring access to choose envelopes.

Then again, aside from this, it accompanies the same qualities and imperfections and gives the same ease of use.

The Good of  Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

It introduces effortlessly and offers snappy appraisal of the framework and also programmed repair techniques. There are a lot of utilities that can be utilized separately both for getting the PC into a superior shape and also for ensuring data.

The Bad of  Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

Certain apparatuses are not packaged in and first-time access downloads and introduces them out of sight as discrete projects. Now and again, the designer gave a beta adaptation of hardware, which is more inclined to breaking down.
The rundown of utilities should be reexamined in light of the fact that not every one of them are as effective as they used to be on more established frameworks.

The Truth of  Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

Generally, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 is the same as the genius release. It coordinates against malware insurance and on account of Protected Folder you are offered the full form.

It doesn't do not have the capacity to enhance the execution of the PC, yet it could improve if the engineer would not incorporate the whole suite of apparatuses as of now accessible and would clean some of them.

How I Can Download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate  Now?

It's easy to download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. You only click on button below

[OFFICIAL] Kontent Machine Download 2015 - Download Now

Kontent Machine Software

We are introducing a software application that is called “Kontent Machine”. It allows you to generate unique, admissible and SEO-Optimize content. It will improve your website’s rank in search engines from link building strategy.

Kontent Machine has its unique quality of link building tools that make it so popular among the internet marketer. It is one of the best choices for building backlinks to SEO-Optimization.

Review of Kontent Machine 3: We will have a deep look into working of this software and its features. We will also evaluate the quality of the content which is generated by Kontent Machine.

What Kontent Machine able to do?

You can generate unique content very easily by Kontent Machine that will help you in link building compaigns. You can publish that content on website or your private blog network. It has all the properties of Web2.0 and each article contains link back to your website.

Nevertheless, every content generator software provides you the content with link building tools that has backlinks to your websites. But Kontent Machine software makes this process more effective and easy to use. With Kontent Machine, you never need to write content or pay for content writing as well as SEO posts.

For publishing online, Kontent Machine uses scraping articles for creating unique and admissible content. Then it spins and rewrites the content to make it whole new article. In addition, Kontent Machine makes these articles appear on search engines also.

In order to appear the content more unique and useful, Kontent Machine ables to add related images and videos also. And it insert the link of your website in the content itself, you need not to do anything just only use Kontent Machine.

All these work done by using Kontent Machine software and if you want to know the working of it you can follow this post further.

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

Working of Kontent Machine

There are many software in the market those claims to deliver unique content but after seeing their working you can easily determine how true their claims are.  Let’s have a look how Kontent Machine works, through the process of setting up a new campaign.


When you load the Kontent Machine up for the first time, you get the alert of creating new campaign. When creating the campaign you can where content will be sourced.

There are four options:

•    Built-In Article Scraper

•    Built-In Article Scraper + Local Files

•    Locally Saved Files

•    The Leading Articles marketplace

Then for generating content you need to enter three keywords about the topic whereby software come to know on which topic you need article. Mostly first option will be used, unless you already have that article in your PC.

It gives you choice about the quality level like tier 1, 2 and 3. SO you can choose the quality level as per your requirement. Else you can create quality level manually by editing in the settings. This feature helps you in building tiered backlinks. Most of the users choose tier 1 for producing highest quality level content available.

For making the content unique software scrapes the content and spins it. There are number of spinning tools that Kontent Machine offers:

•    Spinner Chief

•    Spin Chimp

•    Spin Rewriter

•    The Best Spinner

•    Word Ai

On the other hand, if you don’t have access of above mention services then it also has its built-in spinning tool. And if you need to know how your content spun then there is an option for manually spin also while it is very time consuming. But if you have done it correctly you will get a unique as well as very high quality content.
 In addition, for inserting images and videos into the article you can choose when you setting up the campaign. To configure the images and videos also it provides options. You can choose images and videos both or one at a time. And it also provides you the setting of formats and how many paragraphs you need in your content.

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

Further it allows you to enter the link which you want to insert in generated articles for redirecting to your site. And provide higher rank to your website.

So for inserting links there are few options:

•    Contextual Links

•    Article Body Links

•    Resource Box Links

•    Image Links

You can define the number also for each text links in the articles. Furthermore, Kontent Machine allows you to enter multiple anchor texts for each URL you are linking in order to give natural look to backlinks. Each time a link is published on your site, used a different anchor text. And it allows more ways to give natural look of your backlink’s anchor text like; you can add branded anchor text, naked URLs and set how many times it will use those branded keywords or URLs as the anchor text for inserting links.

These are useful ways to see your site penalized by Google as well as prevent your backlinks being over optimized.

From the Kontent Machine you can add the list of other websites that you need to link with your article. Here you can include other authority sites in your article such as Wikipedia entries, government or education sites, related products on Amazon, or other prominent bloggers.
So when you have done with all above steps you can instruct the software to generate the content. Who use this software in tandem, there is an option to build and export the content to them. They can publish your content such as Licorne AIO.

The process of content generation is very quick and there is a status bar that shows the software is working in background. After this job done you can preview the content. And you get the opportunity to export into a link building tool again after previewing the article.

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

Finally you get your article with all the links, images and videos added according to the settings. Sometimes maybe content is not very readable so you can use a more advanced spinning tool such as Best Spinner and you would get the best result.

So it is the best software whether you want to publish the content on your real own website or others website with linking your real sites. And for the more safer side, you can use it in building backlinks to higher quality sites that are linking to your real sites in a structure of tiered link building.

In Kontent Machine you get access to set of further options as per which SEO link building software you choose. And it will give you full access control over how the content is exported.

Now you are ready to save the content files on your computer, just press the Build and Export button. And depending on everything such as which link building software you are using and everything else that’s require in link building software, articles generate.

After get your first article you can save the setting as a blueprint and you can use these settings next time when you load Kontent Machine. It saves your time to configure the software again in creating new campaign.

Other Features of Kontent Machine

The main purpose of Kontent Machine is creating content to be published online but it has few other features and tools.

The other tools of Kontent Machine 3 include:

•    Bookmark creation

•    Article Scraper to download article by topic

•    About me spinner for creating multiple unique author boxes

•    Bulk spinner for spinning articles on your hard drive and inserting media

•    Publish files to websites including WordPress sites and other sites in your network

How I Can Download Kontent Machine  Now?

It's easy to download Kontent Machine. You only click on button below

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